Celebrities and other kudos for ‘Loving Me’ and ‘Boy! I Am Loving Me’ Books and Clothing

Kids Loved Them!
Anna Bittner, Manager at Mississauga Chapters

Hey Angelot! I just have to share this with you, I was helping a customer today in our kids section, and I noticed that she picked up your books; I mentioned to her that you were at our store for a story time and a signing last weekend. She was disappointed that she did not know about it because her kids love your books, she said that her kids like them SO much that she had to borrow your books from the Brampton library about six times, and when she saw them at our store she had to buy them!

My Daughter (21 mos) Loves Them!
Nikki Thompson Morrell, Parent and supporter of Loving Me series

Okay - your boy book is just as awesome as the girl book! My daughter (21 mos) loooves both and hugs them and walks around with them!.

Positive Re-enforcement At An Early Age
Sean Liburd, Owner of Knowledge Bookstore

Loving Me is the perfect dose of positive re-enforcement at an early age for our baby girls and a timeless resource for the whole family regardless of sex or age to be read over and over again.

Customer Said, You Must Write More!!
Ashley, Manager of Locks4life, Detroit, Michigan

A little after y'all came in a lady came into the shop looking for your book. She was so excited that we had it. She wanted me to tell you that she loves your books and write more!!! We're going to have to get a display for you because that day we sold 4 books!