The Loving Me series first began as a hobby for the Author, Angelot Ndongmo. An independent bookstore owner, Sean Liburd of Knowledge Bookstore, noticed the author’s ability to connect with others through her book reviews she would write on his website. He pulled her aside one day and asked when her first book would be coming out.

This pointed question led the author on a journey of self discovery and as the days and weeks passed, she felt more and more compelled to help young children who struggled with their self-esteem. She knew firsthand of the disconnection to self worth that can happen in young children.

Armed with inspiration and determination, she buckled down and set out to create a fun and engaging book that would help new generations of children to celebrate their uniqueness and be proud of who they are. Once her book Loving Me was released, the response was undeniable. Requests for a boy’s version was heard at every event. This gave way to her second release, Boy! I Am Loving Me!