Angelot Ndongmo

Angelot Ndongmo is a 1st generation Canadian who was born and raised in a single parent household from a very young age.

Remembering her own personal struggles as a young African-Canadian girl, she recognized the need for reading materials geared towards black children that would help them embrace their own beauty and enchanting features.

This award-winning children’s author’s first professional writing accomplishment was an article published in ‘Black Woman & Child’ magazine. She has always enjoyed working with youth and writing in her pastime. Those two worlds collided during her position as a youth worker. The end result was her first children’s book titled ‘Loving Me’ which was met with great success! Many parents expressed their desire to engage their young sons as well, thus giving way to her follow up children’s book titled ‘Boy! I Am Loving Me!’ Angelot Ndongmo is currently working on branding the series.

The Loving Me Series creates a new standard by brilliantly fusing cultural education and entertainment (edutainment). Not only does it visually and audibly inspire  children in a way that has never been done before, it provides parents the opportunity to interact with their child(ren) and provide cultural stimulation that is vital in helping to build a solid foundation of self-love and acceptance during their child’s most important time…. their formative years!